April 24th, 2009

Going Green – The Marketing of the Left

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Written by: Constitution Daily

globalwarmingI’m green with envy today. Over the past week I’ve realized how great of marketers the left and environmentalists have become. They have been able to convince most of us that global warming is real and humans are causing it. I’m not going into the argument on if it is real or not because we’ve all had those discussions hundreds of times. I just find it very interesting that most of us bought into this climate change idea without any real proof of it happening at all.

When I compare the global warming phenomena with other political movements, I can’t really find anything that matches up. First they say we are going to have another ice age, they taught that around 20 years ago. Then they say the ice caps are melting. Then the earth starts to cool, as the last few years have, and they change global warming to “climate change.” Now any weather pattern, be it unusual, normal, average, weird, hot, cold, rainy, dry, windy, or natural disasters, is caused by our carbon footprint. And we buy this crap! I mean, seriously, over half of this country believes in this stuff! And with cap and trade, we will seriously have to buy that crap.

So all this week on TV, every station is promoting green activities. Somehow the left has gotten millions of people to buy stuff that is $100 more to save $25 dollars – all in the name of living green. By the way, we’re all watching these shows on TVs made in China where they could care less about pollution.

Back to the politics of it all. What I can’t understand is that Republicans can offer solutions to real problems and they get crushed by the media and eventually are dead in the water. We offer a partial privatization of social security, a failed system, and the left lies all the way through it without getting a scratch on them. When global warming gets brought up though, the people believe it even though in August they walk outside and it’s hot and in January they walk outside and it’s cold – just the way it has been forever. Why do the people trust the left more than the right?

One last example. During the Reagan years and years following, trickle down economics has been proven time and time again to work. Now we do the opposite under the Obama administration and unemployment is tanking worse than almost ever. The conservatives on the right are screaming at the top of their lungs to avoid taxing businesses when it is harder to make money now than almost any other time in industrialized history. And the saddest thing of it all, it is also common sense. If you tax an employer heavily, he/she won’t have the money to pay an employee -therefore, no new jobs. It really is that simple.

Conservatives must start marketing new ideas and major reform. It will take years and often times decades to get our country back on track, but I’m one to believe it’s worth it.

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