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December 11th, 2009

Gibbons Announces Plan to Keep More Money in the Pockets of Iowans

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Written by: The Iowa Republican

GibbonsDes Moines, IA- After consecutive months of increasingly startling unemployment numbers, Congressman Leonard Boswell’s stimulus is undoubtedly a failure. Since the passing of Democrats trillion dollar stimulus, Iowans have seen the economy continue to struggle while unemployment dramatically increases. Funding that was promised to go towards job creation and small businesses – the engine of the Iowa economy – has been spent on big-government policies.

“If we can’t trust Congressman Boswell and Nancy Pelosi to spend our money wisely, then let’s stop sending them our hard earned dollars. A real stimulus for our economy will be allowing people to keep more of their hard earned money to provide for their families,” said Jim Gibbons.

Today, Gibbons announces a tax holiday proposal that will help working Iowans and grow jobs. Under Gibbons proposal:

1.) Every taxpayer would pay no federal income tax for the first three months of 2010
2.) Every taxpayer would pay no FICA tax for the first 3 months of 2010
3.) Every employer with 500 employees or less would pay no FICA tax for the first 3 months of 2010.

For the typical Iowa family earning $50,000 a year, this would allow them to keep up to $3,000 that would otherwise be paid to the federal government.

“My plan will reduce taxes on small businesses and workers, putting more money in their pockets. The plan would utilize the billions of dollars in unspent stimulus money to provide a income tax holiday for working families,” Gibbons said.

“Leonard Boswell’s votes with Nancy Pelosi have wasted trillions of taxpayers money. As your congressman, Iowa families and small businesses can be assured I will work to stop this senseless spending and focus on keeping and growing jobs here in Iowa,” said Jim Gibbons.

“Boswell continues to push the same big-spending and anti-jobs agenda that has driven the economy into the ground. I’m running for Congress to help small businesses do what they do best – create jobs and jumpstart the economy.”

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