April 3rd, 2009

Gay marriage – Will it Save the Republican Party in 2010?

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A few days ago there was an article titled “Could Steve King be the Democratic Party’s 2010 Savior” on the Iowa Independent trying to make the point Steve King will be the savior for Democrats in 2010 if he runs for Governor of Iowa. The article is full of hostility toward King and obviously written by a liberal.

Today’s news of gay marriage now being legal in Iowa will surely get Iowans wound up. Will marriage be the issue we are talking about in the next few months? Or will this issue last until Election Day in 2010?

First of all, Iowa is now one of the most liberal states in the union. Not only is our fiscal philosophy slanted hard to the left, now with this ruling, our social philosophy puts us in line with California, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. We are now technically liberal. The question is though, do the voters care?

If they do care, this ruling could propel Republicans into the Governor’s office and regain the majority in the Iowa House. I just don’t think the public will remember this well enough to vote out the Democrats who drug their feet on a Constitutional Amendment the past few years.

Obviously this ruling has huge societal affects of which many won’t be known for years to come. The political affects will be much more immediate. I’m positive this ruling will help a conservative win the Republican primary for governor. But will it make some more conservatives look a little harder at jumping in the race? Will Steve King have finally had enough? Will Bob Vander Plaats capitalize on this decision?

Only time will tell but I’m betting Democrats are getting a little nervous about now on their reelection efforts.

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