April 6th, 2009

Furious and Fast

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Written by: Constitution Daily

All through the weekend, the only political item people talked about was gay marriage. No federal deductibility, no talk of the economy, just gay marriage.

For those of you who actually believe elections can be won solely by talking about fiscal issues, the furor over this issue proves you couldn’t be more wrong. Do fiscal issues matter to folks? Absolutely. But you can’t win an election without talking about social issues.

The year 2010 will be here before you know it. We will be talking about gay marriage and other social issues for one reason and one reason only – liberals have gone way too far, way too fast.

Many of you probably have had the same conversations as I have the past few months. Many Republicans are hoping liberals do go too far so the American people wake up and realize what Democrats stand for. Gay marriage is a prime example of going too far.

Of course there is one man in Iowa who can save the Democrats for 2010. Culver holds the key to their success. If he bucks his party and stands up to Gronstal, his party may have a chance at keeping the majority in the Iowa House. I’m betting he won’t though, despite having campaigned on traditional marriage.

And finally, Republicans do have a chance to capitalize but must act quickly. We absolutely have to get a recorded vote before this legislative session is over. Time to step up as they are predicting an end to this General Assembly as early as this Friday, April 10.

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