December 29th, 2009

Fruit of the Boom!

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Written by: Krusty Konservative


Let’s see. Some dude tried to blow up a plane by smuggling explosives onto a plane in his shoes back in 2001, ever since we have had to remove our shoes before boarding an airplane. Now some crazy terrorist sews explosives into the crotch of his britches and tries to detonate it with a syringe of acid. Who the hell thinks of this crap? That’s right people who hate us just because we are Americans. I thought all the hate was supposed to stop since we elected the great appeaser to be the leader of the free world. Anyway, what are the chances I’m going to have to take off my shoes and by britches the next time I fly?

Also, did you look at the type of underwear this dude was wearing? No wonder he wants to kill innocent people. The guy obviously doesn’t know about the new invention called boxer briefs. I mean was this dude wearing a pair of his Mom’s panties?


Keeping Corning in the Closet

Kay Henderson had an interesting little story yesterday about Branstad and his Lt. Governor, Joy Corning. Apparently, after selecting Corning to run with him on the ticket he then needed to find he work space within the Governor’s office. Branstad put her in a closet. Ironic on so many levels.

It does beg the question, since Branstad was willing to keep Corning in the closet while she was the state’s Lt. Governor, why is he so unwilling to encourage her to keep quiet now?

The ironic thing about this little blast from the past is that if you listen to Branstad’s opponents, you would think that Corning was to him what Patty Judge is to Culver. That was not the case, if it had been I’m sure Branstad might have supported her run for Governor.

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