June 18th, 2009

Feenstra for State Treasurer

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Written by: Constitution Daily

feenstra1Word on the street is northwest Iowa State Senator Randy Feenstra is seriously considering running for State Treasurer against Michael Fitzgerald.

Senator Feenstra was the Hull city manager before being elected to Sioux County Treasurer. He was first elected to the Iowa Senate last year and has been actively trying to raise his profile ever since. He’s taken the lead on marriage and spearheaded the effort against the Democrats’ plan to change the way Iowa is represented in the Electoral College. He may be best known by his pro-marriage speech he offered on the floor of the Senate 10 days after the marriage ruling. The following is an excerpt of that speech:

“I, along with the rest of the freshman, are the future leaders of this Senate.  Freshman of both parties, it is time we lead on this issue!  Let’s stand up for the people of Iowa.  Let’s remember the preamble of the Iowa constitution that states ’we the people’ not ’we the Court.’ Let’s not act like previous generations that stood silent on critical issues.  It’s time to rise up!”

Feenstra is a somewhat rare breed. He’s one who is dedicated to conservatism but at the same time is like Rants, definitely driven by advancing his political career. He is a strong fiscal and social conservative with some great ideas for Iowa.

One of the most challenging aspects of running for State Treasurer in Iowa is raising money. Since the governor’s race gets all the attention, we often ignore other statewide contests. Feenstra is well connected in northwest Iowa, where there is quite a bit of money to be had, but will definitely have to step up his fundraising in Des Moines and eastern Iowa to beat Fitzgerald.

Feenstra is a hard worker who will have no problem putting in long hours to get those extra votes. He’ll easily be able to travel the state piggy-backing on gubernatorial and congressional events. He comes off as an articulate, professional, young businessman who will tell you how he sees it without being disrespectful to those on the other side.

Bottom line, his candidacy is good for Iowa. Now if we can start registering more Republicans to catch up to the Democrats, we have a shot at winning this seat.

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