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April 17th, 2009

Federal Deductibility: Freddie Krueger or Fredo

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Written by: The Iowa Republican

iowa-capitol3It has been nearly three weeks since Democrat leaders began their attack on the right of Iowa taxpayers to deduct their federal taxes on their Iowa return. Where does the fight stand today?

Since Speaker Murphy threw 650 of his employers out of a public forum in the Iowa House Chamber on Tuesday, March 31, Democrat leaders have repeatedly claimed to have 51 votes to pass the horribly misguided HF807 and said they would run it the next day. To date, each time the claim has been made, the appointed date has passed without debate.

The truth seems to be there are 6 to 8 clear thinking Democrats in the Iowa House who will not be convinced that voting for a tax on a tax that creates a huge tax increase for Iowa taxpayers is good for the Iowans they represent.

Much like Freddie Krueger in the Nightmare on Elm Street series, HF807 keeps coming back to life anyway. Some new explanation, reworking the spin, and the nightmare at the capitol resurfaces. Democrat leaders refuse to admit HF807 is simply a bad idea. That is truly frightening.

The best thing that could happen would be for Democrat leaders to take Fredo (HF807) out in a row boat fishing, ala Godfather II, kill it, and dump it into the depths of Lake Tahoe.

The problem is Democrat leaders have created a major budget mess and may not be able to keep from coming after federal deductibility again and again as it is a massive long term money grab.

HF807 would do Kruegeresque harm to Iowa families, small businesses, farmers, retired citizens, and young people who are entering the job market. We must remain vigilant as we brace ourselves for the next time the elimination of federal deductibility jumps out and scares us all.

It is right to be afraid. Very afraid.

Written by Ed Failor, Jr.
President, Iowans for Tax Relief

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