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April 24th, 2009

Federal Deductibility Elimination is Topic of Secret Negotiations at the Iowa Capitol!

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Written by: The Iowa Republican

itr-logoAs the final days of the 2009 Legislative Session are unfolding, secret meetings with arm twisting and horse trading, are being led by House Democrat leaders. All of this is being done in a last ditch effort to make every Iowa taxpayer pay a tax on a tax by eliminating Federal Deductibility.

Ed Failor, Jr., President of Iowans for Tax Relief, said today, “Iowans deserve to be part of the conversation when a $400 million tax increase is being discussed. The problem is, every time they try they are thrown out or have the door closed in their face. The current majority party leaders believe the deals they make are best decided without the public. This is just wrong and Iowans are outraged.”

In a desperate attempt to figure out how to balance the state budget, negotiations to find the 51 votes to repeal federal deductibility, continues to be high on the priority list. Democrat House leaders are threatening to kill bills, or advance bills, that are important to some Legislators who defend FEDERAL DEDUCTIBILITY, in exchange for them turning their back on the very taxpayers who elected them.

Failor continued, “Iowa taxpayers have been removed from the conversation too many times. Those elected to serve the taxpayers have heard the no tax on a tax message loud and clear from their district. These closed door meetings are an insult to all taxpayers and Iowans are tired of their elected officials not listening.”

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