April 14th, 2009

Federal Deductibility Delayed Again?

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Written by: Krusty Konservative
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cowards1For the third time in three weeks we thought Democrats would finally move forward on their quest to eliminate Iowans federal deductibility deduction. Now it appears that the federal deductibility bill will not be debated today as originally planned.

So what’s the hold up? Probably Rants’ amendment that says husband and wife means one man married to one woman. Krusty Kudos to Rants.

Scare Tactics?

Iowa In-Duh-pendent says that Rants may be violating his oath of office by forwarding the above mentioned amendment. Really? So if that’s the case every lawmaker who imposes more restrictions on firearms would also be guilty of violating their oath of office. Interesting.

How petty is this. Seriously, Rants and the Republicans wouldn’t have to get creative like this his Master Murphy had the balls to let him members vote on a marriage amendment. How weak and pathetic.

John Derrrth takes a swipe at GOP gubernatorial candidate Bob Vander Plaats for saying that he would sign an executive order to stop gay marriage so that the people could vote on an amendment. Now my history book tells me that the courts don’t write laws, but it seems like John Derrth’s does, but I guess we should expect that since he is from Johnson County.

Hmmmm looks like Tim Gill has issued his talking points to Iowa Democrats…

So with the Iowa code being out of whack with the court’s opinion the legislature and our governor should rectify it right? That means they either need to pass the marriage amendment OR they need to advance legislation that allows gay marriage in Iowa. Yet they refuse to do anything about it.

Why are they so afraid to take a stand on this issue? Oh because it will kill them on Election Day.

Feeling down? Need to know why we still need to keep fighting? Read this from Iowa Independent on the federal deductibility debate.

“Much to supporters’ chagrin, the opposition has even controlled the language of the debate. While unveiling the bill, Democrats admitted that any change in the tax code would result in both “winners” and “losers.” Since then, conversation on the bill has focused on how many “losers” would be included in the final results.

One Democratic legislator who spoke on the condition of anonymity so he could speak freely, told the Iowa Independent that if the bill fails, “it will be because we let the other side control the terms of the debate.”

Now that is music to my ears!

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