May 4th, 2009

Environmentalists sure are stupid!

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Written by: Constitution Daily

smokestacksAlliant Energy is running around Iowa trying to explain to communities why they need to raise the rates for electricity. Of course, the people aren’t happy but they are focusing their anger toward the wrong folks.

Last year, Alliant Energy gained approval by the utilities board to build a clean coal plant in Marshalltown but later pulled the plug on the plan. Of course the Democrats blamed the deal falling through on Alliant Energy saying they were too greedy and wanted too much profit. We all know that isn’t true and the real truth is the environmentalists killed the deal.

For environmentalists, any new energy that isn’t 100 percent renewable, makes someone money, or in any way makes any sense at all, will be vehemently opposed. The coal plant in Marshalltown was their top target in Iowa. And one thing about environmentalists, they are good at what they do and rarely lose.

So now we have Alliant taking heat from their customers for something the environmentalists actually did. If Alliant was allowed to build the coal plant it would have provided cleaner energy, more jobs, and cheaper energy for everyone. Instead, they have to retrofit 100 year old coal plants that are much less energy efficient, costs a ton more money, and leave a much larger carbon footprint. So the environmentalists are their own worst enemy.

This is just one of those common sense things that drive all of us sane individuals crazy. We all want cleaner, cheaper, and more efficient energy but those who are standing in the way are supposed to be environmentally friendly. We all know their true mission though…make energy unaffordable, no matter the impact on our civilization, to turn the clocks back to 1900. They will not compromise anything on this matter even if it means a dirtier planet and all of us suffering more in the long run.

So once again we see that big business isn’t out to get us, but liberals are out to get big business.

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