March 18th, 2009

Embracing Big Ideas

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Yesterday I received a press release from Congressman Steve King’s office announcing that King was to host a FairTax Special Order last night. A few years ago my first thought would have been – so what, that will never pass in this political climate. But that is just the attitude of so many on our side of the aisle. Do the liberals ever let something go by the wayside because they don’t think it will pass?

The best example of this is socialized health care. In fact, the FairTax, or consumption tax, parallels well with socialized health care. Both are massive reforms of extremely costly systems. In 1993, Hillary Clinton started us down the road of socialized health care and liberals haven’t looked back since. It won’t be long until it passes and Obama gladly signs the legislation.

Do you think the liberals’ first response to Hillary was that it will never happen? Do you think they rolled their eyes when she brought the issue up to them? Is there any way they thought it would pass in the first year of debate…or even five?

Why are conservatives so quick to dismiss big ideas? Whether we are talking about the FairTax or privatization of social security, conservatives are some of the first to throw big ideas under the bus. I’ve heard Congressman King and Mike Huckabee answer the cynics on the FairTax. Their answers are rarely heard by those asking the question – because they don’t want to hear it. They are so busy playing defense on the liberals’ big ideas they don’t have the capacity to go on the offense on our big ideas.

There is no better time to be pushing the FairTax. As Hillary Clinton said the other day, “Never waste a good crisis.”

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