December 1st, 2009

Election Day Showdown: Griess v. Vlassis

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Written by: Battleground Iowa

By Emily Geiger

Griess.vlassisIn case you didn’t know, today is actually an election day. That’s right, there are several municipal run-off elections taking place today, including one that could potentially unseat a living legend of the Des Moines City Council, Tom Vlassis.

And by “living legend,” I mean living legend of incompetence.

Political newcomer, Halley Griess, 23, scored a huge upset last month when he garnered enough votes to prevent Vlassis from reaching the majority he needed to assure retention of his council seat.

And why was this young man able to do this? Umm, probably because Vlassis was up to his eyeballs in one of Iowa’s biggest political scandals, CIETC. While Vlassis was not criminally convicted, he was a member of the CIETC board that was supposed to be overseeing and approving the organization’s actions… and he failed miserably.

As Griess rightfully continues to point out, rather than do his job as a member of the CIETC board, Vlassis testified before the state legislature that he was a “rubber stamp,” approving what Archie Brooks and Ramona Cunningham asked him to. They’re now in jail.

Vlassis has tried to throw stones at Griess. One Register Vlassis apologist characterized Griess as “Drake University law student from Nebraska.” Never mind the fact that he’s lived in Des Moines for 5 years… a heck of a lot longer than Hillary Clinton lived in New York before she was elected Senator from that state.

Vlassis has also taken pot-shots at Griess’ youth. “I came on the council when he was still in diapers. He’s a nice kid, but he has absolutely no experience.”

Griess responded that he obviously doesn’t have the record of service of Tom Vlassis. “Clearly, I do not have a history of skipping votes, being uninformed or acting apathetic toward city affairs as suggested.”

Vlassis wouldn’t even vote to remove the name of his friend/felon Archie Brooks from a Des Moines community center after his wrongdoing came to light.

Tom Vlassis has proved that he is far more loyal to his felonious friends than he is to the people of Des Moines.

On the other hand, we have a young, eager man who has made integrity and service the centerpiece of his campaign.

If you live in Des Moines’ 1st ward, you have a choice tomorrow. Please make the right one.


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