March 4th, 2009

Ed Failor, Jr. for Governor?

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Written by: Constitution Daily

There was some breaking news on TheBeanWalker.comefj about Iowans for Tax Relief’s (ITR) Ed Failor, Jr. not ruling out a run for governor. This is really big news since most think this is an orchestrated effort by many of the political insiders.

Ed is a heavy hitter in Republican politics. Ed and ITR are the folks responsible for taking out moderate Republican – especially in traditionally conservative districts. As a conservative, ITR and Ed Failor, Jr. have done more for Iowa than any other organization that I can think of. Without ITR we may not have Eric Helland, Matt Windschitl, Jason Schultz, Kim Reynolds, Chris Hagenow, or Renee Schulte – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. It is ITR who conservatives owe for a stronger, more conservative legislature.

If Ed were to enter into the race, he would have an instant organization. And this isn’t just a shell organization that says they do a lot. This is an organization that has arguably the best strategy and voter ID information than any other in Iowa…including the Democrats. Ed also has current RPI Executive Director Jeff Boeyink on his side since he was president of ITR.

Now Ed at the personal level may be a bit different. Although his organization is very strong, his charismatic side isn’t typical to those who usually campaign statewide in Iowa. I don’t mean that in a derogatory way, but we all know some have it and some don’t. We will see if Ed does.

Ed’s other negative is that whenever you work in Republican primaries you are going to make some major enemies. Thankfully for Ed, most enemies he made he’s already beaten. Also, moderates tend to work a little less and have a little less pull in Republican primaries. Basically, if you are going to make a faction of the Republican Party angry, the moderates are the best to tick off.

No matter which way you look at Ed’s possible entry into the race, it is good sign for Republicans. His entry means he thinks it’s doable. After looking at the registration number disadvantage Republicans have, I still have my doubts. But if there is one thing I’ve learned in the past so many years, never count ITR out…that will almost guarantee your defeat.

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