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October 13th, 2009

Draft Branstad Ends – NextGenPAC Begins

Draft Branstad 1Now that former Governor Terry Branstad has filed the appropriate paperwork with the Iowa Ethics and Campaign Disclosure Board and hired Jeff Boeyink as his campaign manager, the Draft Branstad movement created by former legislator Sandy Greiner has come to an end. While there is no more need for a Draft Branstad movement, their efforts will not cease; instead they will continue a movement for change here in Iowa.

In a press release sent out this morning, Greiner said, “With today’s news about Mr. Boeyink, Draft Branstad is officially announcing our draft efforts are complete – a real grassroots mission accomplished!

I have enjoyed meeting and working with young Iowans from all around the state – you are truly the future of Iowa.

Thank you to the thousands of Iowans who have been instrumental in making this effort a success. While Draft Branstad PAC will draw to a close, our efforts will not cease; instead we will continue this movement for change here in Iowa.

Please follow our new organization- NextGenPAC- that will work day in and day out to perfect the change Iowans desire.

We will release more information soon about this exciting new organization that will be focused on bringing about the change so many Iowans want right now in our state.”

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