May 15th, 2009

Doug Gross: Political Pimp

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Written by: Constitution Daily

gross-pimpI realize I’ve written about civility in politics a few times over the last week. I also said that when folks go off the reservation we call the platform, I’d take the gloves off. This includes when a certain someone undercuts a Republican candidate for governor every chance he gets.

Who does Doug Gross think he is? In what reality does he think he can anoint a candidate for Governor? And why does Gross think he is the authority on who can win and who can’t? Last I checked the Secretary of State’s office, Gross lost in 2002. You don’t go to the coach that loses to find out how to win. You go to the winner.

Yesterday’s article in David Price’s blog, The Price of Politics, is just the most recent example of Doug Gross trying to be a political pimp. The problem is, Doug has no credibility for the role. Since 2002, what has Doug touched that has been successful? His campaign? Nope. Romney’s campaign? Nope. Anything?

There are few Republicans left out there who have any real respect for the man. And now Gross proclaims from his nonexistent throne of relevance that Bob Vander Plaats can’t win because Gross surveyed Iowa before gay marriage became a reality.

This is just wrong on so many fronts. Gross has no authority on the matter. He’s not elected. He’s not ever been successful as a candidate. His latest attempts at politics in any form have failed. What does he have to offer? A poll that he paid $100,000 for to only survey a few hundred people. Even the moderate fiscal conservatives should be mad about that – he either overpaid $85,000 to the polling firm or padded his own pocket in the process.

So if there actually is a candidate out there getting courted by Gross and his loyal pack of maybe two others, please don’t hook up with him. He’s the kiss of death for any candidate entering the race. Even if a known conservative were to work with Gross on a candidacy, he/she would be dismissed right out of the gate.

Gross is starting a war he can’t win. He doesn’t have the resources, support, or marketing ability to erase his image of someone who is out of touch and way out of line. For Gross it’s time to put the purple fur coat away and quit trying to pimp the Republican Party.

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