August 17th, 2009

Doug Gross is out with a New Poll

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Written by: Krusty Konservative

douggrossIf you want to get a glimpse of how bad the financial situations are with the newspapers, consider the fact that and Doug Gross have commissioned three statewide polls in the past couple of months, and the newspapers around the state have done nothing. Interesting.

Anyway, Doug is back with another poll. His latest was conducted between July 23rd and 26th, less than a month after the TIR poll. Let’s hope he asked some different questions since I doubt much changed over the 20 day span between polls. It looks like Gross will spoon feed the media his poll results kinda like TIR did with their poll. The first set of info will be on Culver’s job performance. Next up is issues, followed by name ID and favorability of Republican candidates, and finally a ballot test.

Let me guess something right now. Terry Branstad is going to kick ass. How do I know? Because TIR dropped that bomb a week before Doug’s poll was in the field. The chatter and news coverage surrounding Branstad were all over the place which means Gross’s poll probably has the former governor doing even better than he did in the TIR poll. That’s just a guess.

Today Gross is focusing on Culver’s reelection.

All things considered, has Chet Culver performed his job well enough to deserve reelection as Governor, or do you think it’s time to give a new person the chance to do better?

55% say they want to give a new person a chance to do better.
31% say that Culver deserves reelection.

The TIR Poll had it 53% to 36%.

Man Chet’s numbers just flat out suck. His reelect number dropped 5 points in 20 days. I’m sure if Mike glover asked Chet about it he would just tell the Glove that his bad poll numbers have actually helped his fundraising effort…

Next Doug asked what grade you would give Chet.

If you were to assign a letter grade to Chet Culver’s performance as governor, would you give him a grade of A, B, C, D, or F?

A = 6% (Come on, did we poll Phil Roeder or something?)
B = 33% (Seems high for a guy with a 31% reelect)
C = 29%
D = 20%

I guess 12% gave him an F?

14% of Democrats gave him a D grade by the way. That’s not a good sign for Chet either. But I bet they are all contributing to his campaign. Yeah right…

Next up is a question on Chet’s leadership qualities.

Compared with other Iowa Governors and statewide elected officials, has the leadership of Chet Culver been much worse, somewhat worse, somewhat better, or much better?

50% said worse. Even 40% of Iowa Democrats said worse. Ouch that has to sting.

The final question Gross discloses today is…

In your opinion, which one of Iowa’s four most recent governors was or is most effective overall?

Bob Ray = 34%
Branstad = 28%
Vilsack = 18%
Culver = 10%

How long until the chant for a Bob Ray comeback begins?

Here’s the kicker on the question. When you just look at Democrat responses it’s more bad news for Culver.

Bob Ray = 30%
Branstad = 20%
Vilsack = 28%
Culver = 13%

Culver is the figure head of the Iowa Democratic Party and his own party thinks that he is ineffective.

Unbelievable. I’m sure Chet feels really good about where he is at right not and fundraising is going great!

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