April 22nd, 2009

Doug Burns – Attempting Candidate Recruitment

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Written by: Constitution Daily

dougburnsThere are only a few journalists at the local level I can’t stand and Doug Burns is one of them. Actually, my definition of journalist as one who reports news objectively doesn’t fit Doug at all – I can think of some other terms better suited for him. If you think that is a little harsh, you don’t know Doug and/or haven’t seen his writings. If you have the stomach, you can Google search him and have a better understanding of the type of person he is…I’d suggest just taking my word for it though.


His latest ranting is his lame attempt of recruiting Ashton Kutcher to run against Congressman Steve King in Iowa’s 5th Congressional District. I’m not going to link the article because that is exactly what he wants. By the way, Doug works at his mommy’s paper…the only place he can get a job. Thankfully, the locals trust Doug about as much as we all trust Reka Basu.


As Doug always does, he includes numerous insults and negative comments about King in his article. But Doug’s main point, or fantasy, is for Ashton Kutcher to move back to Iowa and run against King…Because King is Doug’s personal punching bag. If you do find the article, you will likely get an awkward feeling when reading Doug’s words. You won’t be able to put your finger on it right away, but after a few articles you will know the only word to describe Doug’s one-way relationship with King – pitiful.


Doug recently quit writing for the Iowa Independent. I don’t know if he was fired or just quit but whatever the case, you can still go back and look at his posts. According to my count, which is a pretty rough estimate, almost half of Doug’s articles are about Steve King. And you will be hard pressed to find any positive ones. He seems to seriously have a King fetish!


The reason I’m singling Doug out for criticism is because I find journalism extremely important to our republic. And when it gets abused at the level of Doug’s vitriol, society, as a whole, suffers. There are numerous examples where Doug has skewed the truth to fit his liberal or King-hating beliefs and once those are posted, more mainstream media picks them up like the Sioux City Journal or the Des Moines Register. Be it taxes, spending, abortion, or health care, society can only suffer from false claims by so-called journalists.


Actually I should probably thank Doug Burns and Reka Basu for doing what they do. Because without them out there, I would have probably never started blogging. In fact, the Iowa Republican was started for the same reasons…I don’t know if it was exactly Basu or Burns but I do know the liberal leaning of the media was one of, if not the reason for starting this site.

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