June 8th, 2009

Doug’s Candidate is… Teresa Wahlert.

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Written by: Krusty Konservative

When you are trying to figure out what Doug Gross is up to, one should never stray too far from the tree. The tree in this case is Marvin Pomerantz who passed away last year, but the apple in Doug’s eye is none other than Teresa Wahlert, the COO of Mid-American Group, the company which Pomerantz built.

Pomerantz obviously thought highly enough of Wahlert that he gave her the reins of his company, but he also saw that she served on the Iowa Board of Regents, something that he did on a couple of occasions. It should come to no surprise that Wahlert was present at Doug Gross’ big-wig briefing of his poll a few months ago. I’m also told that Wahlert huddled with her family recently to talk about her running for gubernatorial campaign.

Gross and his allies (the mods)always tell us (the conservative, principled Republicans) that, to get elected, Republicans can’t lead with certain issues, and should instead focus on building a “big tent” around the fiscal issues. That strategy is fine when your candidate or nominee is a proven commodity, but it’s totally different when you are being asked to support a candidate you don’t know, and who has never made a vote in his/her life.

So who is Teresa Wahlert:

COO of Mid-American Group – Marvin Pomerantz’ company
Member of the Iowa Board of Regents 2005-2007
President and CEO of the Greater Des Moines Partnership – Liberal Group (trust me)
Executive at QWEST – Telecommunications Company

Education: Master of Science in Business as a Sloan Fellow at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). She also holds a Master in Business Administration from Creighton University and a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from St. Mary’s at Notre Dame.

Is she qualified to be Governor? Yes.

Is she qualified to be the Republican nominee for Governor? Hell No.

Let me explain by starting with the obvious…

She gave $2300 (the maximum amount allowed under law) to Tom Vilsack’s campaign from president.

She gave $5000 to Chet Culver’s campaign for Governor.

She gave $25,000 to Heartland PAC on June 20, 2006
. Heartland PAC was Tom Vilsack’s way to give massive amounts of money to legislative candidates. After Culver won the Democratic Primary in 2006, Heartland PAC contributed $100,000 to his campaign. Heartland PAC also gives to Democratic legislative candidates.

So… If you are a Republican primary voter or activists and Teresa Whalert comes to your town to talk about the fiscal issues, ask her why the hell should I vote for her when she has been supplying your enemy (Culver and Iowa Dems) with bullets (money) so they can shoot at you?

I’m sorry, I will listen to people when they want to talk strategy, but if they just want me to hold my nose and expect me to vote for a liberal who has supported Chet Culver over Jim Nussle just four years ago, forget about it. I mean seriously, wouldn’t someone of Doug’s stature and campaign experience see how difficult it would be to get basically to get a liberal Republican like Wahlert through a Republican primary? Actually, I think he does understand that, but all Doug has left is the same old tree that has provided him with shade, protection, and the ability to climb to heights he couldn’t reach on his own.

The problem is that the trunk of the tree is dead and rotted wood. There is no way it can support the heavy fruit on its branches anymore. It is likely that this is just Doug’s last foray up the trunk of the tree before it falls to the ground.

Doug’s true colors are shining through, and it’s blue, not red. Well maybe it’s blue/green if you know what I mean.

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