September 21st, 2009

Did the Register Poll ask if Chet is Smart?

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Written by: Krusty Konservative

pollsLast week, Kathie Obradovich of the Des Moines Register, was a participant in a poll that asked whether or not Governor Chet Culver is smart. The questions seemed a bit odd, but here is who I think could be polling about Culver.

Culver: I can’t believe they would test on their own guy’s weakness but you never know. One would think they would instead construct an alternative scenario through a public relations effort. I guess Culver’s little train rides across the state have not helped his polling numbers nor has his I-Jobs program, so maybe his political team has decided to pick this scab.

Fong: If there is any Republican candidate out there doing the things that typical candidates do, it’s Christian Fong. Yes, he’s done radio ads, but his campaign is also building campaign events to introduce him to voters around the state. In fact, he is having an event tonight at the Machine Shed Restaurant at 7 p.m in Davenport. Fong’s campaign sent out invitations in the mail and followed up with automated calls. It wouldn’t be a stretch for Fong to be polling.

What I don’t understand about Fong is why he is having an event during Monday night football? It’s not that everyone will tune into the Colts/Dolphins game, it’s that he needs to find a way to be a little more manly and tough. Opting for a meet and greet over football will not do anything for his image.

Rants: Rants would probably poll about Culver’s mother if he thought it would help his campaign. There is no question that Rants would ask the question, I just don’t think it’s something his campaign can do at this moment. I also think that, if it were Rants or Fong, there would be more questions about their main rivals Bob Vander Plaats or Terry Branstad.

While all of the above possibilities are intriguing, there is one organization that was in the field polling last week: The Des Moines Register. I would find it incredibly odd that the Register would poll its own columnist, but if anyone is going to ask odd questions, it’s going to be the Register. Think about it. It was the Register who asked of people if they were personally affected by the deaths of Kurt Cobain and Michael Jackson.

The Register also was very selective regarding the questions they asked about gay marriage. They asked if you agree or disagree with the Court’s decision, but they never asked people if they want the right to vote on the issue. Can we say biased? The question isn’t if you agree or disagree, its do you think the people of Iowa should have a say in the matter.

I think there is an outside chance that the Des Moines Register asked Iowans if they thought Culver is smart. I would LOVE to know the results of that question. Maybe since Kathie Obradovich is a columnist and not a reporter, she could tell her readers how she responded.

Oh, what am I thinking? Kathie doesn’t care about smarts, she only care about washboard abs. Here is how Kathie would look like with Ryan Reynolds abs…


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