December 8th, 2009

Did Culver also Demand State of Mind Sports to Remove Unflattering Pictures of Him?

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Written by: Krusty Konservative

Chet Run 19It looks Like Culver’s intimidation practices didn’t stop with just the Register. The photos that show Governor Culver with his shirt off are suddenly missing from the State of Mind Sports website.

Sorry for being a bit late on my post this morning. I decided to save what I had prepared for today so that I can comment on the main TIR story regarding the intimidation of Des Moines register reporter, Jason Clayworth.

Here are a couple of things everyone should remember about what led to me write about the pictures of Culver and the Clayworth story that was removed from the Register’s website. First, the story in which I published the photos of Culver had nothing to do with him being fat. The title of my article was “Clayworth Censored by Des Moines Register Staff,” not Topless Photos of Chet Culver Surface.

As you can tell from the title of the article, the focus of the story was that I believed that the powers that be at the Register had taken Clayworth’s article down because they were uncomfortable with it. I later updated my original post after a source emailed me and said that an email was sent to Jason Clayworth telling him that, until he removed the story from the Register’s website, the Governor’s office would not respond to any official requests by the Des Moines Register. My source ended up being 100% correct. Even last week, a column in City View told the exact same scenario.

Second, I can understand why the Governor’s office didn’t like Clayworth drawing attention to the pictures of Culver with his shirt off, but the pictures were made public on the internet. In fact, State of Mind Sports posts pictures of all of its events on its website.

What is interesting about that is that it seems as though the Governor’s office might have called State of Mind Sports, too, and asked/intimidated them into removing any picture of Culver that they were uncomfortable with. Today, the only photos I was able to find of Culver were of the run portion of the event. All of the other less-flattering photos have now been removed from the State of Mind website.

This is yet just another example of the Governor’s office intimidating the media and the source of the photos in order to spin the story of the triathlon the way they see fit.

The most troubling aspect of this entire saga is that Culver and his staff seem to be more dedicated to protecting the Governor’s image than helping Iowans during this difficult time. How sad.

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