May 21st, 2009

Des Moines Register Guest Column whacks WHO Radio

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Written by: Constitution Daily

whoradioI can’t believe I’m writing this article. A column in today’s Des Moines Register exposes WHO Radio for offering free ad time to liberal groups. David Mastio, former Bush speechwriter, authored the piece to bring light to Clear Channel and WHO Radio’s hypocritical approach of offering conservative talk radio but at the same time allowing free media to organizations that have funded liberals like Barack Obama.

WHO Radio is well known for having excellent conservative talk radio brought to its listeners by locals like Jan Mickelson and Steve Deace. Both men are strongly conservative and espouse principled approaches.

Steve Deace is known for being a pit-bull who will try to tear down anyone he believes to have capitulated on anything. I’m pretty sure this would fall under that criterion. I wonder if Deace has the guts to go after his own station…or boss. You know if this was some other station, Deace would try to bury them – and he wouldn’t think twice about doing it.

The thing that really bugs me most about this is that I have to agree with the Des Moines Register. This may be the first time ever. Not only do I have to agree with the Register but I also have to go against my favorite radio station with my favorite radio personality, Jan Mickelson. Is this backwards day? Did the sun come up in the west?

I realize it isn’t there job to vet the organizations or companies that advertise on WHO but you can bet they have some say. Would they ever allow NAMBLA to advertise? I doubt it.

So it should be interesting to listen to Deace today. If he doesn’t rip on his own station with the fury he’s known for, his credibility will surely suffer.

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