August 13th, 2009

Democrat Hypocrites? Say it Ain’t So!

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Written by: Battleground Iowa
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By Emily Geiger

ofa-logoDoes anyone else find it ironic that the Democrats are accusing conservatives (and the Republican party in particular) of organizing a concerted effort to bombard poor, unsuspecting congressman with challenging healthcare questions at their local townhall meetings?

In case anyone hasn’t noticed, if the Republican party was that good at organizing and motivating people to action, we wouldn’t have had our butts handed to us in the last two elections.

Further, I don’t think it was charter busses of conservatives that have been showing up at these townhall meetings this week. It’s been people from Organizing for America (a/k/a Obama’s campaign apparatus re-named) who have done that. Although, I’m sure this group was careful to ensure that only constituents from each particular congressional district were allowed to attend their own congressional district meeting so as not to take away a seat from any other constituent of that congressman, or do you think they even cared about that?

Me neither.

And I’m sure that kid of the Obama campaign staffer who got to ask a question to the president the other day was a total coincidence. I mean, it’s not like Obama has a history of planting questions at townhall meetings and press conferences, right? Hmmm… who would know about that? Oh, that’s right, when you talk about that, you go from getting to ask the first question at every White House press conference to the back of the room. That reminds me, has anyone seen Helen Thomas lately?

Tom Beaumont
made an interesting point the other day. I hope Grassley doesn’t think he’s going to be getting any favors from the president as a result of his cooperation in these healthcare negotiations, no political capital, no favored status. Obama didn’t even bother to send his Organizing for America lackies to support Grassley like he did all the democrat legislators.

I hope Grassley understands that he’s going to get used and then tossed away by Obama like yesterday’s trash.

Sen. Grassley, this is not something to risk your legacy and reputation for.

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