December 28th, 2009

January 12th: It’s A Date For Marriage And Iowa


20 years ago last week I met the woman of my dreams, believe it or not just a month after the fall of the infamous Berlin Wall on Christmas day at the Berlin Wall.  Its a long love story to explain, but the headline is Iowa Joan and I have been married 18+ years.

So here now is a great cause in Iowa and America to get behind standing not only for the sanctity of marriage, but protecting the fundamental freedoms as described in our constitution too.  Though Berlin trumps precedence in this analogy, I do see a similarity.  There is a wall now building to divide this state as one where citizen rights mean less and less when “judges legislate and execute from the bench” to quote Bob Vander Plaats.

Plain and simple, the people of Iowa should get a chance to vote on a marriage amendment.

Thank God there is not an actual brick barrier separating us and the state government, but it is time Iowans should acknowledge, assess and address the insinuated gap between the two.  So here is an idea for you…

Let me tell you about a romantic date we have planned.  In celebration of a long time coming, we will watch Chet Culver deliver his final state of the state address.  (Speaking of oppressive walls to fall.)

We are also going to the state capitol on January 12th to politely and simply tell a man named Mike Gronstal to “Let Us Vote”.  Just like marriage and freedom loving Iowas did last April “Here In Iowa.”

[youtube as67tgPNh3Y&]

I ask you join us.  Yeah so maybe it’s not so romantic. The romantic part will have to be created later in the day.   Check out this press release from IFPC for all the latest information.

LUV Iowa Campaign Launches Legislative Initiative

12/28/09 Pleasant Hill, IA – IFPC Action President, Chuck Hurley, today announced plans to launch an initiative in conjunction with the LUV “Let Us Vote” Iowa campaign.  The initiative, which is being called “Two Days For Marriage,” will kick off with a gathering at the State Capitol on January 12th.

According to Hurley, “People from all over the state have reached out to IFPC Action, and joined the LUV Iowa Campaign.  On January 12th, we are encouraging those people, and all Iowans who care about preserving marriage and the constitutional separation of powers, to come together to take a stand, and once again ask Iowa lawmakers to ‘Let Us Vote’ on the Iowa Marriage Amendment.”

The concept behind “Two Days For Marriage” involves Iowans attending the large gathering on January 12th, and then giving one additional day during the legislative session to lobby for passage of the Iowa Marriage Amendment. Hurley said, “We plan to send a very clear message on January 12th that we intend to exercise our right to vote on the definition of marriage, and then follow up on that message with a consistent presence at the Capitol all session long.”

January 12th is the date when Governor Culver is scheduled to deliver his annual Condition of the State address.  In addition to all 150 State Legislators, the Iowa Supreme Court Justices also attend the speech. The Governor’s speech is scheduled to begin at 10:00 am, and citizens are permitted to begin entering the Capitol as early as 6:00 am.

Hurley said, “We will be encouraging people to come as early as possible, and to stay as long as they can.” He concluded with, “We expect the Members of the Iowa Legislature to listen to their constituents and not to stand in the way of our constitutional right to vote on the Iowa Marriage Amendment. Any Member who stands between the people and our right to vote is risking their political future.  We will remember in November.”

LUV Iowa is short for Let Us Vote Iowa, and is a direct response to public requests for help from Iowa citizens as they organize to pass the Iowa Marriage Amendment. As more details concerning the event on January 12th become available, they will be posted on the LUV Iowa web site at

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