March 25th, 2009

Deace: Conservative Hero or Zero

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Written by: Constitution Daily

deaceIowa’s second most popular radio personality, Steve Deace, definitely knows how to shake things up in conservative circles. I find myself having conversations about him with all kinds of different people. But the beginning of the conversation always starts with some type of disclaimer of how Deace is arrogant or according to some, maybe even an idiot. Most people who aren’t fans of Deace himself still listen to his show. And that got me thinking about a few things.

I tend to think in end results, meaning, what does Deace’s show do to/for the conservative agenda? Without ever talking with Deace and only judging by his show’s content, I think I’m fairly safe to assume Deace is a conservative. Sure, he’s voted for Obama and ripped on many Republicans, but we all know the guy is a rock ribbed conservative. So why does he create such a stir? The answer to that question probably is better off left to each individual who despises him but for me, his stir is more thought-provoking than anything else.

For example, most of Deace’s shows are based on the concept of the lesser of two evils argument. We know Deace sees things in black and white, much like most of us do personally on the issues. I’m pro-life, pro-marriage, against illegal immigration…I don’t have any issues I can think of that my opinion falls in the gray area. But I am willing to vote for a guy like McCain. Deace is not. Just like I would have been willing to vote for Romney, not a chance for Deace to do that.

His shows make me examine my vote more carefully. He wasn’t able to deter my vote for McCain but he made my argument for doing so a little more clear. I know if McCain were elected president, we would have a better chance of saving the unborn from the liberals in Congress. I know if Obama weren’t president now, we’d have a better chance of securing victory in the war on terror. I know we’d have a better chance at curbing spending and retaining some of Bush’s tax cuts. Would McCain be as good as some of the other Republicans who ran for president? Hell no – not even close. But it is what we got. And if my vote can save one life, then that is the vote I’ll gladly make.

So back to the end result. I believe Deace is great for conservatives in Iowa. There is no question he’s pulled us to the right. That doesn’t mean I listen to his show with a smile on my face all the time but I do most of the time. He’s right on the issues…just in my opinion a little flawed on his logic sometimes.

So here are some questions to ask yourself the next time Deace says something you dislike. First, is he right? Second, if in your opinion he isn’t right; does this advance the conservative movement? Third, if in your opinion it doesn’t advance the conservative movement; what does it do? And fourth, you can always find Dr. Laura or some sports show on, why are you listening?

After reading back through this post, I realized I just wrote a pretty positive article about Deace and his show. That actually wasn’t my intent but after going through the thought process of writing this article, it is the end result.

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