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December 18th, 2009

David Barton Endorses Vander Plaats

BartonRepublican gubernatorial candidate Bob Vander Plaats has earned his second endorsement of an influential Texan. David Barton of WallBuilders has endorsed his campaign. The other Texan who endorsed Vander Plaats is movie star turned political columnist, Chuck Norris.

In a press release about Barton’s endorsement, Vander Plaats said, “I’m incredibly excited to have David’s backing because he has such a deep base of supporters across our state. I know several candidates and potential candidates have sought his support because he commands tremendous respect and attention. Having him in our corner will be another crucial tool to motivate and mobilize grassroots Iowans next year,” Vander Plaats said.

Barton is the Founder and President of WallBuilders, a national pro-family organization that presents America’s forgotten history and heroes, with an emphasis on our moral, religious and constitutional heritage. Barton isn’t a stranger to Iowa either. In October, Barton was the keynote speaker for the Iowa Christian Alliance Fall Dinner, and before that, he traveled the state in support of Sam Brownback’s presidential campaign in advance of the Iowa caucuses.

“Bob Vander Plaats epitomizes the leadership our Founding Fathers envisioned when they stood up for our individual liberties,” Barton said in a prepared statement. “He knows that it’s the hard work and unfettered creative spirit of individuals made this country and states like Iowa great. He knows that more bureaucracies, more government employees, higher taxes and increased government spending will crush Iowa. And, he’ll articulate that message in winning fashion.”

Barton’s endorsement is significant for a couple of reasons. Barton’s endorsement of Vander Plaats’s campaign is also in essence an endorsement of Vander Plaats’ executive order to put a stay on gay marriages in the state. Vander Plaats has made his position on the issue the foundation of his gubernatorial campaign, and Barton’s endorsement provides Vander Plaats with some much needed credibility on the subject.

The media and Vander Plaats’ opponents all claim that Vander Plaats’ proposal wouldn’t hold up to constitutional scrutiny. However, Vander Plaats’ position is very popular with many activists in the Republican Party. Barton’s endorsement will also help Vander Plaats reach out and engage conservative pastors across the state to get involved in his campaign.

Steve Deace, a Christian radio show host on WHO Radio, told, “The Barton endorsement is significant because it reinforces the powerful presentation David gave at the Iowa Christian Alliance’s fall banquet. Barton clearly made the case that there are more ways to fight the Supreme Court’s attack on marriage then just waiting around to pass a marriage amendment, which I am in favor of. However, Barton suggested several other remedies, including an executive order, in his presentation.”

“By endorsing Vander Plaats, who is the only Republican gubernatorial candidate that is not capitulating to the court’s unconstitutional edict, Barton is cementing just how important marriage and the rule of law are, and how pivotal of a role Iowa plays in that battle. Barton’s endorsement also puts other Christian conservative activists and advocacy groups in Iowa on notice that now is not the time to remain on the sidelines in this primary hoping to get a seat at the table when the music stops playing, but to follow both David and Michael Farris’ lead in taking a bold stand at such a crucial time,” Deace concluded.

With Barton’s endorsement and the endorsement Vander Plaats received from Michael Farris, a national leader in home-school education, Vander Plaats has now cemented himself as the candidate of the religious right. In a Republican primary, social and religious conservatives make up a sizable portion of the electorate. If an overwhelming majority of these voters turnout for Vander Plaats in the primary, he may be difficult to beat.

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