June 19th, 2009

Dave Jamison for State Treasurer

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Written by: Constitution Daily

jamisonYesterday I wrote about possible State Treasurer candidate Senator Randy Feenstra. Today I’m going to focus on his possible primary opponent, Dave Jamison.

Jamison is currently the Story County Treasurer and has been since 1995. He’s known by most in the Republican circle for his work as a Republican State Central Committee Member. He’s an Iowa State graduate in business management and a former Marine. Jamison also co-founded the Iowa Republican County Officials Association which helps Republicans get elected across the state. For any of you who have talked to him, you know he’s just a really good guy.

Jamison is a very good Republican. He’s been involved for years in helping other Republicans get elected. He’s the type of guy who will do what’s right without overtly running over the opposition. He’s a fiscal and social conservative who, if he works hard enough, will be an excellent candidate for State Treasurer.

With his name on the primary ballot, alongside Feenstra’s, we’ll have a very competitive race for State Treasurer. I have to admit, I do wish they wouldn’t primary each other. They are both good men and I’d hate to see them go after each other. Although, I don’t think either will get down into the gutter with their campaigns.

It is shaping up to be a strong election year for Republicans. We have good candidates going after the statewide races. That’s always a sign of a shift in momentum. We also have some excellent candidates down the ballot. But I’ll get into that a little later in the election cycle.

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