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July 31st, 2009

Dave Funk Announces Congressional Bid in Iowa’s 3rd CD

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Written by: The Iowa Republican
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funkWhy am I running?

By Dave Funk

It’s obvious to all of us that our nation’s economy is tanked; unemployment is rising; and respect for America and its values is collapsing throughout the world. The “hope” and “change” thing sold to the American people last fall is not really working out.

Democrats took control of Congress in 2006 and through a series of legislative missteps have increased the costs of doing business for all of us through higher taxes, excessive spending and massive federal intrusion into the private sector– including taking over banks and manufacturing companies.

In the last few weeks, the US House of Representatives has voted to impose massive energy taxes on our country based on the theory (some may even say fraud) that climate change is manmade. This tax hides behind the name “Cap and Trade.” Democrats in Congress and the executive branch are also on the cusp of taking over our entire health care system through the use of scare tactics that claim highly exaggerated figures about uninsured Americans. The reality is that nearly ninety percent of Americans have health insurance and well over three-quarters of us are happy with our current plans.

Last fall, in the President’s Message in the Safari Club International’s Iowa Chapter quarterly newsletter, I wrote the following regarding the then pending election;

“As a nation we are at a fork in the road, one turn, towards the left, is in a direction much like our European allies have gone, to more government intrusion, higher taxes, fewer individual rights, and unrelenting attacks on our traditions as hunters and to top it all off; stagnate economies. The other turn is toward the right, to freedom and liberty, lower taxes, [and] a vibrant economy…..”

What is a fifty year old, retired Iowa Army National Guard helicopter pilot, disabled airline captain and father of four doing running for Congress when I could stay home and play with my four year old twins, Amelia and Zachary?

It’s easy. I don’t want to face my son twenty years from now when he asks me, “Dad, in 2010, when there was still time to save this country, why didn’t you do something?”

It’s time that real Americans step up and save our country, before it’s too late.

That’s why I’m running for Congress in Iowa’s 3rd District, and to find out more about me, check out

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