September 1st, 2009

Curt Hanson’s True Colors

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Written by: Krusty Konservative

curt-hansenHere is all you need to know about Curt Hanson, the Democrat running in for the State House in HD 90.

Iowa State Education Assn. PAC or ISEA PAC – $10,000
Iowa State Building & Trades Council – $2500
Laborers’ Local Union #566 PAC – $2500
Operating Engineers Local 234 Political Fund – $250
Great Plains Laborers’ District Council Iowa PAC – $5000
Laborers’ PAC – $1000
Laborers Political League Local #43 – $500
Iowa Committee on Political Education -AFL-CIO – $1000
I-PAC – $2000
Laborer’s Local #340 – $1000
Plumbers & Steamfitters Local Union #33 – $1000
Chicago Regional Council of Carpenters PAC – $1000
Cedar Rapids Trades Council CR IC Building Trades PAC – $1000
Central Iowa Building and Construction Trades Council PAC – $1000
Operating Engineers Local 234 Political Fund – $750
Heavy Highway Political Action Committee – $1000
Local Union No 347 IBEW PAC Fund – $1000

Curt Hanson and the Iowa Democrats have done a good job of misleading voters in HD 90. Hanson claims to support a constitutional amendment on marriage and has promised balanced budgets and tax cuts. I know, ridiculous isn’t it?

But there is one thing that Hanson just can’t hide from the voters, his support of the union agenda. With the labor unions funding his campaign, it is clear that Curt Hanson is just another vote for prevailing wage, choice of doctor, collective bargaining, and fair share. How can Hanson say he’s opposed to tax increases when the union agenda that he supports would cause local governments to jack up taxes to pay for the increased costs these initiatives would bring?

Curt Hanson, just another Democrat who is bought and paid for by big labor.

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