August 20th, 2009

Culver is Delusional

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Written by: Krusty Konservative

22-culver-6We have known for a while now that Governor Chet Culver isn’t the brightest candle on the top of the birthday cake.

First there was this during his campaign in 2006…

A majority of Iowa voters ignored the signs and elected him anyway. Then, during his inauguration, there was this…

Many people were instantaneously afflicted with heartburn.

Now, as Governor Culver prepares to campaign for a second term in office, Iowans have more than just a stumbling, bumbling idiot for a Governor. Wait, can I use that word? You see, Iowa Democrats are more than willing to pass a constitutional amendment to strike the word idiot from the constitution or impose a one cent sales tax to fund environmental projects. Yet, when it comes to defining marriage as between a guy and a gal, that’s not worthy of the time and effort it would take to pass an amendment. That said, gay marriage is the least of Culver’s concerns.

Culver’s budgets during his time as governor have been enormous. In just two years, he increased spending by 20% or a BILLION dollars. Now, only a year later, Culver is facing a BILLION dollar budget gap. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

In the relatively short time Culver has been governor (it seems like eternity), he has increased taxes on cigarettes, increased fees for vehicle registrations, and made it clear he wants to eliminate Iowans’ ability to deduct the taxes they pay the federal government from their state income taxes. He’s also toyed around with increasing the state’s gas tax. I’m being nice, I could go on and on with all of the things he has forced on school districts and local governments that will compel them to increase your taxes, but that’s for another day.

Culver’s only piece of legislation that he can claim ownership of is his I-Jobs plan. That plan plunged the state in to debt to the tune of $830 million over the next 20 years. While Iowa citizens get stuck with the bill, Governor Culver and Mike Gronstal’s daughter get to dole out a bunch of money before Culver’s re-election campaign. The problem for Culver is that his program is about as popular as the Pope showing up to mass with a girlfriend on his arm. (Well, the comment section could be fun…)

The most embarrassing stuff has come in just the last month or so. Last year’s budget ended with an actual deficit, even though state law prohibits that from happening. Culver and his aides say the numbers are wrong and thus refuse to address the problem. Then Culver rejoiced over the new revenue numbers that show sales taxes jumped by 40% or so in the first month of current fiscal year. However, Republicans and the LSA pointed out that the numbers were inflated because of a change in the way the taxes are collected and distributed.

Chet has been out saying how great the fundraising for his campaign has been after a recent poll showed that former Governor Terry Branstad would beat him by 16 points. But it gets even better.

Yesterday, Culver was in Illinois giving a speech to Democrat county leaders as part of Governor’s Day in Illinois. Culver, who gave the keynote address, said that Democrats will have a sweeping win for the party in next year’s mid-term elections because Republicans offer a whole lot of nothing.

That’s almost comical. Can the Democrats even believe the crap that this guy says?

And why is Culver in another state during the greatest state fair on the face of the earth? What happened to the “Stay-cations” that Lt. Governor Patty Judge was promoting? Seriously, I have never seen a sitting Governor avoid the fair like Culver has this year. Maybe he’s trying to drop a few pounds.

Enjoy the speaking circuit while you can Governor. I doubt you will be keynoting any meetings after next November unless it’s a Jenny Craig or AA meeting.

Democrats are going to have sweeping victories? This guy is delusional.

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