May 6th, 2009

Culver’s Approval Rating Plummets to 42%

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Written by: Krusty Konservative

Governors VeepstakesA new Survey USA poll is out and it delivers more bad news for Governor Chet Culver.

Only 42% of those surveyed approve of the job Governor Culver is going, while 50% disapprove. 78% of Republicans, 31% of Democrats, and 50% of Independents all disapprove of the job Culver is doing in leading the state. 50% of people making less than $50k a year disapprove, and 52% of those making more than $50k disapprove.


Making matters worse for Culver is that David Yepsen isn’t around to help manage the damage by reminding Iowans how voters turn to Democrats in tough economic times. It’s pretty clear; Iowans have had enough of Chet Culver, and are willing to give a new person a chance.

Maybe it’s time for Terry Branstad, again…

So the good people at Hill Research Consultants were kind enough to send me the Iowa First Foundation poll they did for Doug Gross. I wrote the other day that Gross discussed former Governor Terry Branstad as a potential candidate at his 5 p.m. meeting. The polling information may tell us why Doug spent so much time talking about his former boss.

Here are the questions in the poll that I think dealt with Branstad.

Thinking about former Iowa Governor Terry Branstad, would you like your next Governor to be someone who is…

A lot like Terry Branstad – 14%
Someone like Terry Branstad – 35%
Somewhat different from Terry Branstad – 17%
Very different from Terry Branstad – 18%

Not bad for a candidate who has been out of the political spotlight for a decade.

What type of candidate do you find appealing?

A widely-respected former statewide elected official who has managed Iowa through troubled times before.

44% Very Appealing
46% Somewhat Appealing
4% Not Appealing
4% Not at all Appealing
4% Unsure

This is the question that probably has Doug salivating. Who else would this question refer to? Dick Johnson, Paul Pate, and Branstad are the only people who fit that bill, and I don’t think people would say an Auditor or Secretary of State managed us through anything. No offense to Pate and Johnson but this is clearly a question about Culver.

Would you prefer a candidate who is in their 30’s, their 40’s, their 50’s or their 60’s?

30’s – 4%
40’s – 35%
50’s – 38%
60’s – 2%

Sorry Doug, it looks like the people you polled think Branstad is too old. Questions like this are silly in my opinion.

Do you want an experienced and effective elected official, or an outsider with a fresh perspective and new ideas?

Strongly want an experienced elected official: 34%
Want an experienced elected official: 19%
Fresh perspective: 14%
Strongly want a fresh perspective: 27%

This surprised me. People don’t want a fresh perspective; they would rather have someone who has knowledge of the system. That’s not good news for Bob Vander Plaats.

I see in the Des Moines Register that Branstad says he is not interested. It’s nice that the Register refers to me as chatter… I’ll take that as a compliment. What I don’t understand then is this, if Branstad isn’t interested what is the purpose of asking questions about him in your poll? While Doug’s poll indicated that people think the Republican Party is backwards looking, Doug is guilty of this himself.

Branstad indicated that potential candidates could come from the business community. The names that were mentioned were Mary Andringa and Jeff Lamberti, two names I associated with Doug’s meeting last week. It’s always nice when the Register will backup my intel.

One final note on Dong’s poll, I asked around about how much a poll like this would cost. In the National Journal Doug claimed that it cost $100,000. That’s just obnoxious. My sources tell me that at the most a poll like Doug’s would have cost $35,000. So did Doug inflate what the poll costs to give it more validity? Or is he claiming it cost $100,000 so that he can raise some extra cash from his donor friends for himself and his organization?

I’m sorry, I forgot, this poll is about the future of the Republican Party.

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