June 23rd, 2009

Crow – not the other white meat

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Written by: Constitution Daily

crowIn August 2008, I wrote my first Republican Gubernatorial race ranking. I knew it was really early to do something like that but I just find those conversations fun so I thought, what the heck. Now the 2010 race is almost in full swing so I thought I’d revisit some of the remarks I made back in August, almost a year ago.

The most glaring example of being flat out wrong is my take on Christopher Rants. I wrote he had no chance to make a successful run. I based my prediction on his failures at being Speaker of the House and minority leader as well as his persona outside of Sioux City. For conservatives, he just didn’t come off as a very likeable, trustworthy fella.

Things sure have changed in a year. After getting ousted as minority leader, Rants has turned back to his conservative roots, increased his presence in the media and at political events, and turned on the charm. He comes off as a veteran politician with maybe the best knowledge of Iowa government and the political landscape out of all other potential candidates. Also, he’s no slouch at raising money.

If you would have told me a year ago Christopher Rants would actually have a shot at winning the Republican nomination for governor, I would have laughed in your face. Now, the one laughing is Rants.

But since so much can change in a year and we are just slightly less than a year away from the Primary Election, what will the race look like then? Will it be down to Rants and Vander Plaats? Will a Rod Roberts or Paul McKinley emerge as a competitive candidate? Or will a dark horse jump in the race? And we’re all waiting with baited breath for Doug Gross’s savior/candidate to be revealed.

Of course only time will tell but my advice, after making such a colossal error counting out Rants, keep an open mind on each candidate entering the race and don’t count anyone out until the day you cast your ballot. Then maybe you won’t have to eat crow…I can tell you, it doesn’t taste like chicken.

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