November 18th, 2009

Clayworth Censored by Des Moines Register Staff

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Written by: Krusty Konservative
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Earlier today Des Moines Register reporter Jason Clayworth wrote a blog post that has been removed from the Register’s website. My trustworthy staff of researches saved me a copy of what he wrote so I can share it with you.

Here is what Clayworth wrote:

Pictures of a shirtless Chet Culver?

Pictures of the triathlon that Gov. Chet Culver participated in last weekend have been posted online. While the pictures do not include detailed descriptions, it appears that Culver wore a yellow cap while swimming. In another picture, he’s standing shirtless before the bike portion. Culver completed the Boy Ranch Triathlon in Florida in 3:03:27.

Troy Price, a spokesman for the governor, said he wasn’t sure if these pictures are the governor. However, from the pictures, it doesn’t appear that many participants were of the governor’s build. The pictures are posted on the web site. You decide if the guy with the yellow cap is the governor.

Look, not only did the Governor participate in the triathlon, but they told the media about it almost a month ago. That means photos and accounts of the event are fair game. Would the Register pull a blog post down if Clayworth would have posted pictures of a shirtless Terry Branstad or Chris Rants? Or are they simply protecting Governor Culver?

Additionally, Kathie Obradovich writes about Ryan Reynolds abs all of the time.

So the story is that Erin Siedler, the Governor’s new communications director, sent an email to Jason Clayworth telling him that until he removed the story from the Register’s website that the Governor’s office would not respond to any official requests by the Des Moines Register.

The outrageous thing is that the Governor’s office obviously sent a press release and photo of the event out, and we know they leaked the fact that Culver was going to participate in the event, and now they are pissed at a friendly reporter blogging “unauthorized” (yet public) photos of the same event?

A Republican would be crucified in the press for this…..

Here are the photos that Culver’s campaign and the Des Moines Register doesn’t want you to see.

culver triathalon

Chet Swim One

Chet Swim 2

Chet Run 6

Chet Run 10

Chet Run 20

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