October 6th, 2009

Chris Rants – The Idea Man

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Written by: Krusty Konservative

rants thinkingChris Rants has launched a new website or webpage called

Rants sent out a press release yesterday saying, “Good campaigns are about more than just Candidate A or Candidate B. Good campaigns are about issues facing us as Iowans, and more importantly the ideas and solutions to address those issues.
This 99 Ideas page is the place where I will present new ideas to improve Iowa.

Some ideas will be big – like my property tax proposal. Some will be small – like creating to help Iowans become better consumers of health care. No matter their size – someone, somewhere in Iowa will be impacted for the better.

In full disclosure, not all of them are original. As I travel Iowa people are always coming up to me and saying “Hey Chris, I’ve got an idea for you…” Many of those ideas will join this list.”

Maybe Rants will haul a camera and backdrop around to record other people’s ideas…

Or maybe Rants will have events going on all at the same time and call them idearaisers…

Better yet, the night could be called the Night of 99 ideas…

Who knows, maybe he could do a conference call with participants so they could share their ideas with him…

If you are experiencing a little déjà vu, you are not alone. Rants ripped off the idea off from Jim Nussle’s gubernatorial campaign. Even the logo is the same as you will see in the following 99 Ideas video that Chuck Offenburger recorded in 2006.

Rants has proven to be the idea guy in the race. But his blatant repackaging of Jim Nussle’s idea is sad and kind of laughable. Idea guys usually bring new ideas to the table, not repackage what other people have done in the past. On the bright side, maybe Chuck Offenburger will record a video for you Chris.

What’s really sad is that none of the Iowa Press corps seem to remember Nussle’s 99 Ideas either. That might say something too. NEXT!

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