March 25th, 2009

Chet Culver: Two Faced on Taxes

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Written by: Krusty Konservative

chet2faceJust a little over two weeks ago, Governor Chet Culver told Iowans he would VETO any form of a gas tax increase if it hit his desk. In making his statement Culver told Iowans he refuses to increase taxes during a severe economic recession.

Now Culver and the Democrats are on the verge of passing a $600 million tax increase by eliminating federal deductibility.

But what about not raising taxed during a “severe economic recession” Governor?

Since the stock market is inching closer to the 8000 mark, does that mean now is the time to raise taxes? We also just saw numbers that show that Iowa’s unemployment rate is still inching higher and higher, does raising taxes help create jobs Governor?

Oh silly me, what am I thinking. Oh course you think it does. You guys want to borrow $750 million so that they can create a measly 4000 jobs.

This is nothing more than a bunch of crooked politicians who got in trouble by spending too much money. Now they have to clean up the mess they made, and to do so they are going to increase taxes, and plunge the state deeper into debt so they can continue their spending spree in order to help get them reelected.

Special Note: I want to apologize to Harvey Dent. You see Harvey was once a good guy fighting for justice and all the right things before becoming corrupted. Culver has never been a friend to the taxpayer; he’s always been the thief. So Harvey, I’m sorry.

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