October 29th, 2009

Cedar Rapids Race for Mayor Focuses on Davenport

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Written by: Krusty Konservative
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I’m a little busy today. I have to take the old klown kar in for an oil change so here are a few articles that you can read and discuss amongst yourselves in the comment section.

Cedar Rapids Campaign Mayor

roncorbett-214x300What’s the major issue in the Cedar Rapids race for Mayor that is just days away? Davenport. Huh?
Yep. Ron Corbett, the guy who I hope is the next mayor of Cedar Rapids, is getting beat up by his opponent for hiring the Davenport-based Victory Enterprises to produce his campaign’s radio and TV ads. Normally this type of thing isn’t a big deal, but Corbett’s campaign motto is “Buy Local, Build Local, Employ Local.”

When that’s your motto you better live up to it. Corbett handled himself well in an interview with KGAN TV, but it’s fascinating that a city that has had to deal with so much is talking about petty stuff like this a week before the election. Corbett has used Victory Enterprises for the various political projects that he involves himself in. Corbett is close friend with Steve Grubbs, the owner of VE.

I’m just glad VE is helping get a strong conservative elected in Cedar Rapids, and not working against one like they are in Waukee

bill dixBill Dix Returns to Politics

Former State Representative Bill Dix who left the legislature to run for Congress has decided to run for the State Senate seat currently held by Democrat Bill Heckroth of Waverly. Heckroth’s district is probably one of the better opportunities for Republicans next year. Dix is a top-notch recruit for Senate Republicans. Not only is he well versed in the issues of the day, but Dix will be a Republican leader in the Senate from day one.

zaunZaun for Congress

Brad Zaun has made it known that he is entertaining the idea of running against Leonard Boswell for Congress. Zaun’s a great guy, but what is going on in the Senate. Zaun is responsible for recruiting candidates. How can you travel the state and tell potential candidates to run for the Senate and then bail on them and run for Congress. This just isn’t very well thought out. This also tells you why I think adding Bill Dix and Kent Sorenson is exactly what the Senate needs.

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