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April 3rd, 2009

Carroll: Don’t Raise Taxes on Iowa Families

dannyThe legislative public hearing on Federal Deductibility last Tuesday evening was a big disappointment for Iowans regardless of party affiliation or position on the issue. When a political leader removes the public from participation in the legislative process, it’s a big deal.

As a veteran legislator participating in dozens of public hearings, and having presided over such hearings, I understand that interjections from the citizens are a technical violation of the house rules. The displays of emotion were certainly not unprecedented, and did not warrant the removal of the public from a public hearing. Iowans who disapprove of this action by the Democrat Speaker have one certain recourse and that will come in November 2010. If you vote for a Democrat house member you are voting for Pat Murphy as Speaker. It is that simple. If you don’t like how he runs the Iowa House then don’t vote for a Democrat who will help make him the Minority Leader or Speaker in January 2011.

The bottom line when it comes to the issue itself is that the elimination of federal deductibility is simply a tax increase on Iowa families. All the rhetoric on why it is good to do this or about how the money will be used is simply background noise. The fact remains that many thousands of Iowans will be taxed at a higher rate on their state income tax returns. That burden will grow heavier in coming years as we see federal taxes go up. The higher the federal tax the less money in our pockets and the more in state tax we pay as well.

Iowa families do not need a tax increase of any kind, income, property, sales or otherwise. The state legislature and Democrat leaders should be sensitive to the plight of Iowa families that are faced with increases in fuel, healthcare, insurance and numerous other family expenses. They should not add higher state income taxes to that burden. Their intent to eliminate federal deductibility will do just that – raise taxes on Iowa families and that is wrong. Moreover it will discourage investment and job creation further hurting many families that are struggling with unemployment.

If you don’t like watching legislators remove citizens from the House chambers you can do two things. Let you legislator and Governor know that you don’t like it, and remember it when you vote in November 2010.

Written by Danny Carroll, Chairman, Iowa Family Policy Center

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