June 15th, 2009

Cap and Trade – a tough sell

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Written by: Constitution Daily

co2If you haven’t heard by now, Democrats are trying to tax our carbon footprint. Actually, they are targeting businesses – because that’s what they do. For some reason, Democrats hate businesses. Anyway, they want to tax carbon emissions and allow the sale of unused carbon credits back to the government or other businesses. Of course there are more problems created than solutions with this legislation but why would that stop the Democrats, it never has before.

First, there is no such thing as a tax on a business. In a free market economy the tax always, and I mean always, gets paid by the consumer. So the cost of all goods and services will increase, meaning more taxes paid by the middle and lower class. Way to go Democrats!

The tax is also based on a theory, not fact. Global warming or, since the earth is cooling now, climate change is a political movement fostered by those who want to gain power. It really is as simple as that. If not, why would the climate change professing politicians expend so much energy and produce so many emissions to sell their ideology?  Al Gore’s carbon footprint must be 100 times the size of the average American. Do you really think he’s concerned or is he finding a way to stay relevant?

The Democrats’ problem area is when they try to tax farms. Cap and Tax will severely punish American businesses while giving the upper hand to less environmentally friendly nations. Brazil must be the biggest proponent of this legislation. It will give them even more of an advantage. Thankfully in Congress, farmers are almost off limits to increased taxes. The House Agriculture Committee wants nothing of this tax – making it almost impossible for Democrats to force the worst of this legislation through the House. We’ve already seen House Ag Committee Members King and Boswell voice their opposition to this legislation.

New Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack testified in front of the House Ag Committee last week and found himself in an unusual position. He was following the Obama Administration’s playbook and was roundly criticized by both Republicans and Democrats. A Heritage Foundation study calls Cap and Tax “an energy tax in disguise” that will cause farm income to drop dramatically because of higher operating costs. The study further argues that people living on fixed incomes and struggling in tough economic times can expect higher food prices as a result of Cap and Tax.

My real issues with this legislation aren’t so much the increase taxes and regulation but the political motives behind it. Our economy is frail, to say the least, and they are doing nothing to help businesses become profitable and more competitive in a global market. In fact, everything they’ve done has made it harder for our businesses to make a buck. The Democrats in control at every level won’t sideline their political motives of increasing taxes to provide welfare for their voters in the form of health care and all other new government spending. With their actions, our economy will be slower to recover and will never be as competitive in the global market. The Democrats are strangling this country with every move they make. At some point our businesses, if they haven’t already, will just leave and do their business where it is more profitable. And that isn’t a theory…it’s fact.

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