July 15th, 2009

Can we succeed while succumbing to the liberal agenda?

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Written by: Constitution Daily

moneyToday there is a headline on The Drudge Report asking the question, “Since when does our great free-market country punish success?” That question was asked by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce president, Thomas Donahue. The cynic in me quickly thought, we always have in my lifetime. What a sad thought that is.

As kids we were all told that we could do whatever we wanted as long as we put our minds to it. We were taught to strive for success in everything we do. We weren’t told that others will constantly be trying to take you down if you succeed.

That is exactly what our government has done and is continuing to do in an even more vicious fashion. U.S. House liberals have announced they plan to tax America’s wealthiest individuals at an even higher rate. They plan to increase taxes on all households earning $350,000 or more to pay for socialized healthcare.

The idiocy of this proposal astonishes even me. With unemployment at a very high rate and climbing, and the economy still tanking, with Obama’s own financial experts advising that “we haven’t seen anything yet,” a tax hike on our richest, who are also our employers, is the worst policy move in decades. And that says a lot.

We already have businesses moving out of our country to more favorable tax climates and the liberals want to tax business owners even more. And what really drives me nuts is that all of this is in the name of “fixing” our health care system. History repeats itself and in no time in history has government fixed a problem the private sector couldn’t fix better and at a cheaper rate. And, since history does repeat itself, almost all of the time, government is the problem and not the solution.

At some point we must start to consider these tax hikes as theft from one group and gifts to others. The top income bracket already bears the burdenof almost 70 percent of the federal taxes paid in this country and that doesn’t take into account the majority of these individuals who are businesses owners also paying corporate taxes.

We also have the top earners at just the federal level getting taxed over $3,000 for every $10,000 they make as opposed to the bottom earners only getting taxed $80 for every 10,000 they make. And that doesn’t take into account state taxes or the benefits, paid by the wealthy, used by the bottom earners.  Also, many of the bottom earners pay less into the system than what they receive back due to numerous tax credits.

Since our citizens seem to be fine with taking from the rich and successful to give to the poor, I don’t see this changing anytime soon. The ramifications of this can already be seen by following the money. Unfortunately the money and the jobs are going oversees at a record pace. When will we, both parties, realize this and change our course? Hopefully 2010 will be the start of a new political generation focused on building on success, not discriminating against it.

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