December 15th, 2009

BREAKING NEWS: Mason City has a Tropical Climate!

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Written by: Krusty Konservative

palm_tree_2Maybe you have noticed that it’s really cold outside. The low last night was -1 outside. So imagine my surprise this morning when I check in with The Bean Walker and see the new editor of the Bean, Bill Schickel, in an “exclusive” video which shows him sitting on a patio with a lush green backdrop.

I thought Cerro Gordo was Spanish for fat hill, but I guess I’m wrong. It must mean always green or something. One would think that people like Schickel would promote Cerro Gordo’s tropical climate more as this is the first I’ve known of it.

Anyway, Schickel, who is also a member of the Republican Party of Iowa State Central Committee, is advocating for Iowans to vote yes and on the ballot question that asks Iowans if they want to hold a constitutional convention. The question appears on the ballot every 10 years. Schickel wants to amend the state’s constitution to add a sunshine law. As a fan of more transparency, I’m all for it.

But if Schickel is going to demand transparency, shouldn’t he first explain why he isn’t freezing his bum off like the rest of us?

Welcome to the blogosphere Bill!


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