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November 10th, 2009

Blue Dog or Lap dog?

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Written by: The Iowa Republican
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funkBy Dave Funk, Candidate, Iowa’s 3rd Congressional District.

Having just read Rep. Leonard Boswells blog in The Hill newspaper’s online edition about executive pay; and his admission to being a member of a mostly far left caucus, I have to wonder? Is he really a Blue Dog Democratic or has he finally manned up and admitted, at least in Washington, DC that he is a full blown liberal? Rep. Boswell’s voting record, clearly indicating his loyalty to Speaker Pelosi- joining with her more than 98% of the time, is clearly not in line with the views of the people of Iowa.

If, and I quote Rep. Boswell here, “The Populist Caucus was founded to refocus our government on the needs of the middle class.”, then isn’t it time that he truly represents the values of Iowa’s 3rd District? If you want to help everyday Americans Rep. Boswell, then get government out of the way and let’s get this economy growing again. Don’t continue using policies that are stretching this recession in to the longest in post WWII history.

We need JOBS and job growth is only going to happen when we stop the stupid spending in Washington. As Thomas Sowell stated in his book about the failed policies of the Roosevelt Administration that extended the Great Depression –The Housing Boom and Bust; “is that massive and unpredictable government interventions in the economy creates uncertainties as to what government is going to do next- as well as uncertainties as to what the actual economic consequences of government policies will turn out to be.”

Rep. Boswell has voted for Cap and Trade, TARP, the failed economic stimulus legislation and now he has voted for a 2,000 page bill to destroy the world’s best healthcare system, how many more needs can the American middle class afford? With unemployment now officially over 10.2% and climbing, we all need to ask what Pelosi scheme will we have imposed on us next by Rep. Boswell and the Populist

The people of Iowa’s 3rd Congressional District need a Congressman who cares about and is loyal to them. Send me to Washington and I’ll look out for all Iowans and not just a party boss from a faraway failed state. To find out more about me, go to my web site;

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