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November 4th, 2009

As goes Maine, so too, I hope, goes Iowa

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Written by: Polly Twocents

stand_for_marriage_maineVoters in Maine overturned legislation yesterday that would have allowed same-sex marriage. Votersyes on 1 rejected same-sex marriage 52 to 47 percent, despite being outspent two-to-one. The saying “as goes Maine, so goes the nation” might be a predictor for how Iowa voters would chose if our legislators would give the citizens a chance to vote on this issue.

Instead, the Democrat controlled legislature gets a lot of its campaign funding from the liberally left, which supports same-sex marriage.

Iowa voters will have a chance in a year to do some voting that could have an effect on this issue in the Hawkeye State. We can vote to not retain Iowa Supreme Court judges who voted for the plaintiffs in Varnum v. Brien. Concerned Iowa voters can also vote for social conservatives to serve in the House, Senate and Governor’s offices, and turn out those state legislators who have supported the court’s ruling and who have effectively blocked efforts to bring this matter before the citizens of the state.

Voters have rejected same-sex marriage in 31 states — every state where it has come up for a popular vote!

Marriage is one of the most fundamental institutions on which society is built. Support for same-sex marriage on the basis of “equity” shows not only an ignorance of what marriage is all about, but also a lack of respect for the institution itself.

Marriage is not just a celebration of romantic love. Although romantic love may be the vehicle for what brings two people together, it has very little to do with the long-term on-going state of matrimony. If only romantic love were the all important ingredient in making a marriage successful.

The kind of love necessary to make a marriage work is sacrificial love, the kind that gives without measure. It is the kind of love that brings children into this world, and then does everything possible to raise up and provide for those children.

Marriage was created to provide stability for the progeny of a man and woman, and to protect the virtue of women. Call me old fashioned, but marriage is irrelevant outside of the union of a man and a woman. It is an unnecessary construct for two men, or two women.

Marriage creates kinship bonds between people and within those bonds, it establishes with whom someone can and cannot have sex. Uncles don’t have sex with their nieces. Brothers don’t have sex with their sisters. Father’s don’t have sex with their daughters. Marriage creates the rules of intimacy and also the laws of boundaries.

Society doesn’t need to rewrite its laws on marriage in order to provide a mechanism to acknowledge a committed or important relationship between two gay men or two lesbian women. There are other ways that can be accomplished without unraveling the fabric of marriage and turning society on its head in the process.

Written by Polly Twocents, to read more from Polly Click Here.

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Polly Twocents
Polly Twocents is the pseudonym for the political commentary of Patti Brown, a partner in the Iowa Policy Institute, a research and analysis firm specializing in public policy issues. Patti is an Iowa mother of five who has a masters degree in journalism with a minor in political science from Iowa State University and an masters in social work from the University of Iowa. Patti worked for many years as a social worker in hospital, hospice and mental health settings. In addition she has also been a staff writer and columnist for The Catholic Mirror and a writer for The Des Moines Register. She is unabashedly and consistently pro-life and pro-family. As a bleeding heart conservative, Patti believes in a limited, representative government, personal responsibility, individual opportunity, and free enterprise.

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