March 18th, 2009

Are you ready for Black Friday?

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Written by: Krusty Konservative

This Friday the Iowa Revenue Estimating Conference will meet to give its official revenue estimate for the current fiscal year. It’s going to be bad, really bad. The non-partisan Legislative Services Agency released the total Net tax receipts for the past year. The report states, “February net tax receipts totaled $531.7 million, a decrease of $39.6 million (- 6.9%) compared to February 2008.”

Ouch! Expect Culver to have to make additional cuts to FY 2009 and FY 2010 is going to be a total mess.

Give ‘em Hell Chuck

First Senator Grassley call on AIG employees who took $168 million in bonuses to resign or commit suicide… Now he’s saying the AIG is sucking on the “tit” on the taxpayer. I thought farmers pronounced it “teat,” but what the heck do I know. I’m a city kid.

Grassley twittered this last night: “Today was big TV day. Everybody took me seriously that I wanted AIG management to commit suicide. Intelligent journalist can’t recognize rhetoric.”

That’s because they are not intelligent Senator…

State Senator Jerry Behn calls out the Democrats on their fuzzy math.

Behn makes some great points. Krusty Kudos to him!

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