June 10th, 2009

Are we screwed?

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Written by: Constitution Daily

baldeagleSeriously, with all the stuff happening at the state and national level, in government and the economy, are we screwed?

We currently have unemployment at 9.4% and climbing. The average American holds over $9,000 in credit card debt alone. That isn’t counting the car, the house, student loans, medical expenses, and any other major payments. Just 35 years ago we saved around 10% of what we earned. Now we save less than zero – a negative 0.5% per year. Our median income since 1985, when adjusted for inflation, hasn’t risen at all but we tend to spend more than we make each month. Our jobs are moving out of our country and our education is getting dumbed down at a record pace. We also have a mindset of being owed everything from a new SUV to health care and free retirement. We are an entitlement society.

At the government level we have more spending than ever before. And when I say more, I mean a bunch more. Government spending as a percent of GDP has skyrocketed since the so called bailouts. That number is now at 44.72%. As a comparison, Germany is at around 49%, the UK is at 50%, and France is at 61%. Many Americans who still do have jobs are working for the government where efficiency and productivity are of least concern. We have a President and a Congress believing they can spend their way out of debt. That works so well, you know. New taxes will be crushing entrepreneurs who survive, killing almost any chance of new jobs. That same Congress and President also believe the government is the answer for health care reform. The costs will be staggering in the short and long term. But why would anyone care, for it is what the people want…right?

We have an aging population. Baby Boomers, you know the ones who got us into this mess and are making the decisions now , well they haven’t saved near enough money to fund their latter years so they will be demanding younger generations pay for their failures. More tax dollars will have to be raised to pay for this. But at the same time, trillions will be wasted, just in the next few years all in the name of Barack Obama, the messiah.

No free market ideas are even being looked at. Reaganomics is a “failed” strategy. Major reform ideas for taxes, spending, health care, and social security aren’t even mentioned – unless it is to raise taxes to help pay for a program. Superficial spending cuts are thrown out there by some on the left but they are talking less than .0001% of federal spending. They even have the gall to say we need to restrain federal spending but their next breath espouses a new government program.

Do the people understand this or do they think somehow a miracle will happen to get us out of this mess? We have personal debt that seems insurmountable. We have federal debt that is insurmountable. Our sources of income are moving over seas and our younger generations are becoming less and less educated at a much higher price. I just don’t see how this can be sustained.

The silver lining in all of this gloom and doom is our heritage, our convictions, and our American ability to succeed despite the most daunting of odds. Our still young Republic possesses the skills, abilities, and drive necessary to recognize the challenges before us and change the course. One of the most important things we can do outside of strengthening our families is work today and everyday to recruit and elect conservative candidates at every level.

Our most serious problems are certainly working in Congress and the White House. But we have concerns at every city hall and county courthouse as well. And don’t forget school boards where budget deficits are the norm rather than the exception.

We need to be the solution. Channel your frustration into a campaign – yours of that of a trusted conservative, and make a difference. Our children, grandchildren, and many generations will benefit from our activity, not our apathy.

So are we screwed? Heck no. We are just getting warmed up.

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