April 15th, 2009

April 15th – Obama and Chet are smiling

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fairtaxlogoWhat’s the only thing that can get our minds off of the gay marriage battle? Tax day. April 15th for many of us is one of the saddest days of the year. I know that sounds a bit corny but, when I think of taxes, I don’t just think of the government taking my money. I think of the social engineering allowed by an income tax. I also think of those who have no idea the amount of taxes they pay and what their money is being used for….murder, liberalism, voter fraud, and the list goes on and on.

The social engineering allowed by our tax code is often forgotten by taxpayers. If the government wants more money to go to the poor, they increase the tax on the rich. If they want greener energy, they give tax credits for products that otherwise would have no market. If they want employers to offer big screen TVs in the break room, all they have to do is introduce a tax credit for it. As they say, “money talks,” unfortunately the tax code, all 67,000 pages of it, won’t shut up. And at this point in our society, it screams at the top of its lungs, “liberalism!” 

How many of you even know what you paid in state and federal taxes? How many of you actually chose to have the government hold your money, interest free, so you get a higher refund? According to the IRS, around 140 million Americans file individual tax returns and approximately 118 million receive a refund. So most of you are allowing the government to use your money, with no cost, to pay for abortions in our country and all around the world. In other words, you are loaning your money, interest free, to Planned Parenthood.

If we continue to endorse this system by electing anyone who doesn’t want to eliminate the IRS and the income tax, we won’t have a chance of getting this country back to its admirable self. If we endorse the FairTax, coupled with eliminating the income tax and IRS, our country would see economic growth soaring like we’ve never seen it. Our trade deficit would be reversed. Our jobs would stay in this country rather than moving to China, Mexico, or any other country out there with a favorable tax code and cheap labor. We all would know how much we are paying in taxes from the very first piece of candy we buy with our allowance money. Social engineering would have to be done the old fashion way of passing stand alone legislation to discriminate or promote behavior.

You will hear the arguments from the liberals on this claiming it is a regressive tax. But before you make up your mind, please study up on the FairTax by clicking here. Also, there is a rally today that will be featuring Gov. Mike Huckabee and our own Steve King. I think you can click here to watch the rally that will start at 4:30 pm CDT today. In the meantime, smile every time you think of Obama and Culver holding your hard earned wages.




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