March 9th, 2009

Apparently the White House is a Holiday Inn Express

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Written by: Constitution Daily

I swear I saw Barack Hussein Obama on TV saying he had saved jobs with his stimulus package.  OK. Maybe government grew, but all I can see are the numbers that say another 851,000 Americans filed for unemployment in February.  That’s more than in January.  And January was more than December. Lies, damn lies, and statistics, I guess.


Only 46 nights staying in the White House have made Obama an economist.  And it must be the amenities in the residence, because there was nothing in Obama’s nearly 4 years present in the US Senate that showed he had a clue.  If so, he might have been on the right side of the Fannie and Freddie mess that started this whole thing. Wall Street tumbles notwithstanding, Obama is claiming that his stimulus (which hasn’t kicked in yet) has allowed us to turn the corner toward hope.


It is with this same financial agility that he is filling out his cabinet.  I’m sorry, is that a sore spot?  Using Obama’s math, it is entirely unlikely that he chose the only five (and counting) Democrats that had tax problems. It has to be endemic in those that share Obama’a world view.  Think about it, the Democrat leadership are the only ones comfortable putting Charlie Rangel in charge of Ways and Means in the body that controls ‘the power of the purse.’


Undaunted by failure and flop sweat, Obama’s teleprompters are telling him to move forward with a cram down plan aimed at having me pay for someone’s Lake Tahoe home, and soon a summit on how those in the room can take over the health care decisions for 300 million supposedly free people.


As proof that Obama gets all his answers from staying at the White House Inn Express, look how stupid Hillary is when she leaves the country.  I’m sure we’ll all be reaching for the reset button long before Obama’s team wears out the overcharge button.


Is Microsoft Word racist for having “Barack” and “Obama” come up for spell check?  “Hussein” is ok, though.

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