July 10th, 2009

Anyone see the cartoon version of Christian Fong?

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Written by: Krusty Konservative
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fong-cartoonIt’s cute, but did this really run in a newspaper or anything, or did the good folks at VE get this done somewhere. I just have one thought on the matter. Many people consider his campaign to be a joke, so does creating a cartoon image of Mr. Fong really help? Maybe they are targeting four year olds or something.

While we are talking about Iowa’s own Doogie Houser, I have a few of questions I’d like answered.

1. At AEGON do you have four walls and a door, or do/did you work in a cubicle?
2. What is the purpose of Corridor Recovery? Is it an information portal, or does it do more than provide people with links to flood related offices and information. I’ll hang up and listen for my answer.
3. When you get up in the morning, do you go to AEGON, or Corridor Recovery?

Glo-bull Warming – Well Obama thinks something is HOT

President Obama is busy buying into the myth of climate change at the G8 Summit in Italy this week. That’s a pretty heavy subject, but the President did take a little time to check out the caboose of a junior delegate, but don’t worry, France’s President Nicolas Sarkozy kept an eye on Obama.


So while President Obama vowed to handcuff American companies, manufacturers in China and India laughed at the thought of reducing their emissions by 50% before 2050.

And people thought that electing Obama would bring new prosperity and jobs…

So with all of the talk about global warming and cap and trade, why did so many Iowans spend the 4th of July wearing a sweat shirt? A loyal reader sent me the image above. It’s not global warming, its Glo-bull warming. If you ask me.

President Obama and Nancy Pelosi are already trying to tell me what kind of car I need to buy, and soon they will want to control the thermostat in my home. I can’t wait for one of those unseasonably hot days in the fall when Obama will not let me turn on the AC. All you state workers know what I’m talking about. Seriously folks, this is some scary stuff.


Its been a long time since we have had a Friday Kaption Kontest. So what do you think Obama is thinking in that picture?

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