October 14th, 2009

American ‘abortion addict’ reveals she terminated 15 pregnancies in 17 years

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Written by: Battleground Iowa

By Emily Geiger

IreneDid the headline grab your attention like it did mine?

My first reaction to it was shock and anger? How does anyone allow this to happen to themselves. Why would Irene Vilar want to write a book about her serial murders called “Impossible Motherhood: Testimony of an Abortion Addict?”

Then I kept reading the article, and I discovered that the woman involved in this situation has led and extremely harsh life. Here are the highlights.

-Her grandmother, Puerto Rican nationalist Lolita Lebron, spent 25 years in prison for storming the U.S. Capitol building with a gun in 1954.

-Her mother killed herself by throwing herself out of a moving car while her husband drove and 8-year-old Irene tried to hold on to her mother.

-Her two brothers became heroin addicts.

-She went off to college as an academic prodigy at age 15, only to be seduced by a 50-year-old college professor, who she married at age 16. Roman Polanski would be proud.

-Said child molester husband told his child bride that having children killed sexual desire.

-She attempted suicide multiple times.

-To rebel against her controlling husband, Irene would skip birth control pills, get pregnant, but then get an abortion to keep him happy.

After reading all of this, my emotions toward this woman went from anger to pity.

It is hard to blame this woman for choices she made as a child, particularly when she appears to have had no positive role models in her life whatsoever.

And then I read this. Now, having given birth to two children, Irene says, “Motherhood has made me feel accountable. It hasn’t made me less pro-choice. It’s just that I understand and feel the weight of the privilege we have in exercising our right to choose.”

Then, I realized that she’s not sorry. She’s an adult now. She was an adult for many of her abortions. She should have known better, but she killed her babies anyways.

And she’s not sorry.

And that’s just so, so sad.

But that’s what happens when the moral fabric of our society has deteriorated so much that our children really have no clue of the difference between right and wrong. And those children grow up to be adults who still don’t know right from wrong.

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Battleground Iowa
Emily Geiger writes from a conservative perspective on everything from politics to religion to pop culture. Like the original Emily of Revolutionary War era, this Emily is delivering important messages crucial to winning the raging war of the time, but today, this is a culture war rather than a traditional one. And, like the original Emily, sometimes it takes a woman to do (or say) that which lesser men lack the courage and tenacity to do.

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