July 16th, 2009

ALL ABOARD! Political Paybacks for Iowa Interstate Railroad

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Written by: Krusty Konservative

railroadI don’t know why Chet Culver has a train fetish, but he does. Maybe Governor Lug should be called Govenor Chug-a-Lug, but that would insinuate that Chet’s progressing with something, and that just isn’t the case.

Anyway, I don’t remember Governor Chug-a-Lug campaigning on passenger rail expansion, probably because Iowans are not about to embrace train travel. Even before Culver was inaugurated, his train fetish was apparent. Remember all those wacky libs getting on the train in Des Moines and traveling to Iowa City, to attend Culver’s big inaugural gala at the now flooded out Hancher auditorium? What was that called again? Oh that’s right the One Iowa Gala… What’s the name of the Pro-Gay Iowa group? That’s right, One Iowa.

I’m getting off track here, and I apologize. Anyway, I’m sure that some part of Culver’s train fetish was created by his fond and probably intoxicated memories of his inauguration. I’m sure some drunken union thug or railroad exec said something like, “Hey Chet, this is been a blast, we should expand passenger train travel in Iowa. Heck, it’s better than us driving home drunk.”

Maybe if we had passenger rail service, Rep. Kerry Burt wouldn’t have gotten into that accident during the legislative session. But then again, I doubt the trains would run the bars in Ankeny at that time of the day…

Since his inauguration, Culver has now boarded the train numerous times to push expanded passenger rail service. Each time he hits the tracks, he rides on Iowa Interstate Railroad’s passenger car. It sure is nice of them to let Culver use their train. I wonder how much it costs the state?

Well, it seems as if Iowa Interstate Railroad wants a little payback and Governor Chug-a-Lug is using his I-Jobs slush fund to pay them off. A couple days ago, the I-Jobs board agreed to fund two railroad bridges in West Des Moines operated by the Cedar Rapids-based Iowa Interstate Railroad. Interesting.

Coincidence? I don’t think so.

How many people do bridges employ? That’s right, none.

And before I forget. Culver must have had one hell of a night at his One Iowa Inaugural Gala. Not only did his train fetish begin there, but so did his obsession for Hancher Auditorium. No wonder Culver tacked on an extra $100 million or so on to I-Jobs for that building.

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