April 27th, 2009

Activists Judge Waives Three Day Waiting Period

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Written by: Krusty Konservative

gay_coupleThanks to a bunch of activist judges, the Iowa you woke up to this morning is much different than the one you went to bed knowing last night. All around the state, gay couples are lining up at county Recorder’s office to receive their marriage licenses.

Already this morning, Polk County Judge Karen Romano granted a waiver to the three-day waiting period for one gay couple. What are the extraordinary circumstances that led to Judge Romano granting the waiver? Well, you see, the Des Moines Register has been following Melisa Keeton and Shelley Wolfe for some time now, and the Register needs a marriage to cover so they can drive traffic to their site and sell papers.

Have you seen the orgasm the Register’s webpage is having over gay marriage today? It’s hard to believe, but they have outdone their one sided coverage of President Obama and its only 9:30 in the morning.

It looks like the Quad City Times doesn’t have as much sway as the Register does when it comes to getting a Judge to help them sell papers. Judge James Kelley refused to grant a waiver to Tearese Bomar and Shamera Page, a gay couple who wanted to get married today. Judge Kelley said there were no extraordinary circumstances that a waiver was warranted.

Maybe if Lee Newspapers would have been part of Tim Gill’s master plan like the Register was, they could have also had a pre-arranged gay wedding to cover today. I wonder if the Register is planning exclusive coverage of Jason Clayworth’s gay wedding.

We shouldn’t be surprised to see a Polk County judge waive the three day waiting period. It was a combination of Polk County judges that paved the way for this day to come. In 2007, Judge Hanson ruled that Iowa’s Defense of Marriage law violated the equal protection clause in the Iowa Constitution. After completing the application, one couple obtained a judge’s waiver of Iowa’s three-day waiting period for marriage licenses. Immediately, Hanson’s decision resulted in 21 gay couples received licenses before Judge Hanson stayed his decision.

Gay marriage advocates have methodically worked through the process of imposing gay marriage on Iowa. It is very likely that they have pre-selected gay couples from other states to come to Iowa and get married so those couples can challenge the marriage laws in their own states.

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