December 8th, 2009

Abortion, Gay Marriage, and Stem Cells… what else is there to talk about?

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Written by: Battleground Iowa
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CarhartBy Emily Geiger

Carhart Picking Up Where Tiller Left Off

So, the famed Nebraska baby-killer is promising to do more late term abortions to make up for those his dead friend from Kansas can no longer kill.

Geesh, I’m glad they got that straightened out. For a second there I was worried more babies might actually survive to see the light of day. What a tragedy that would be.

Gay Marriage Vote in New York

Funny how you don’t hear about it in the media when these things are voted down by the elected legislatures. Yet, when a bunch of unelected elites impose their will on the people, in a courthouse, that’s national news.

Now, the battle moves to New Jersey
, where the rush is on to get a gay marriage bill to the current Democrat governor before Chris Christie takes office in January. Stay tuned.

Yippee… or not

I guess we’re supposed to be all excited that the National Institutes of Health have approved several new series of embryonic stem cells to utilize for research. I guess we’re supposed to be happy that that life has been destroyed on the infinitesimal chance that some viable cure will result, despite the fact that not one cure for anything has come from embryonic stem cell research yet.

Somehow, I’m just not feeling the excitement.

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